This week from Darwen

Liverpool – a city of revival for its Jews. The community is in a numbers crisis, but the opportunity to regroup has arrived.

On the edge of the city’s centre is a jewel in the crown of glory of the people of Moses’ faith – Princes Road synagogue.

This week’s reading is Tetzaveh, and Zachor, the readings about light and memory. The light of the earliest Israelite temple, in the desert of Sinai, was proof that a slave nation would be a beacon of light to spread the hope of freedom to all races and peoples. It is the Bible of Israel that has borne this message. We are a nation that frees slaves and through whom was instituted for the world a Sabbath day of rest. Zachor is the second scroll reading which alerts us to be forever vigilant. The lessons of the Holocaust and every previous tragedy suffered by our people must be applied, and no stone unturned to defeat the evil of terrorism and abolishment of the rights of humans to be free to practice according to their religion and their conscience.